Friday Links | June 14, 2013

Friday Links | June 14, 2013 June 14, 2013

I apologise for a short list of links this week!  Please post anything I’m missing in the comments.

Leading up to Iran’s presidential elections, NPR interviews four different Iranian women about their perspectives.  In related news, Iranian women are said to be using the upcoming vote as a way to advocate for themselves, although the presidential candidates themselves have different opinions on how women’s issues should be addressed.  And in other news, some Iranian women are taking an interest in parkour.

A new English translation of the book Memoirs of an Early Arab Feminist by Anbara Salam Khalidi “challenges stereotypes of Arab women.”

Al-Monitor analyses the role of the headscarf in recent discussions about protests in Turkey.

Four scholars, including former MMW contributor Alicia Izharuddin, discuss the reasons for women’s low participation in the workforce in Malaysia.

An Afghan woman and her father have been reunited with the rest of their family twenty years after fleeing war in Afghanistan.

The Critical Investigations into Humanitarianism in Africa blog looks critically at dynamics among women’s movements in Morocco.

Women in Cuttack, India are advocating for an end to oral divorce.

Melody Moezzi writes “a plea from an exhausted Muslim woman,” explaining “what it feels like to live with hate and hostility directed at you on a daily basis.”

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