Friday Links

Friday Links April 3, 2015

Tajik state television has aired a documentary that alleges that prostitutes in the country have been wearing Islamic veils to earn more money.


Once a month, Muslim women gather in a bright open space inside a brick building near downtown Los Angeles. They come for jumu’ah or Friday prayer. This “all women’s mosque” has been described as an unconventional.


Pakistani kids will finally meet homegrown heroes, when the first Pakistani animated feature is out this May.


Sarah Khan writes on her journey across eight cities in the UK, and tries to find out why those opposing radicalism, especially British Muslim girls, struggle to find a voice.


Ahlam Ahmed is determined to become the Fire Department of New York’s first female Muslim firefighter. The petite eighteen-year-old of Yemeni descent is well aware of the physical challenges inherent to the job. But she is resolute.


Madrid conquers Muslim women with fashion through cultural center of the Arab House in Madrid, which hosted the first fashion show of clothing for Muslim women.


They are elegant and graceful. Dressed in hijabs and high heels, they look like any other woman, except they were born men. And they’ve caught the attention of extremists in Indonesia. Dateline of SBS explores transgender culture in Indonesia.


France is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population. There are an estimated five million Muslims in the country. But why are Paris Muslims, including women, struggle to be accepted?


Samar Fatani writes on how Muslim scholars are called upon to publicly reclaim Islam’s spirit of justice and respect for women who are mothers and to remember that God has placed Heaven under their feet.


Chinese newspapers reported that a 38-year-old Uighur Muslim has been sentenced to six years in jail for growing a beard, while his wife was given two years for wearing face veil or niqab.


My Stealthy Freedom: Women in Iran step up hijab campaign by filming themselves walking in public with their heads uncovered.


World-leading Islamic clothing firm opens first boutique store in London, selling Arabic cloaks, luxury hijabs and flowing gowns. According to experts, modest fashion could be worth £100 million in the UK alone.


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