Friday Links

Friday Links June 5, 2015

High street department store House of Fraser now stocks Islamic headscarves designed to help Muslim women exercise and swim. The range contains unitard bodysuits and light-weight hijabs, or Islamic headscarves, for women to wear during aerobics and swimming.

United Airlines says the flight attendant who allegedly denied a Muslim woman an unopened can of soda will no longer serve customers on their planes.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of a Muslim woman who sued for discrimination after being denied a sales job at age 17 at an Abercrombie & Fitch Co(ANF.N) clothing store in Oklahoma because she wore a head scarf for religious reasons.

Ever heard of “Mipsterz“?The term originated in 2012 with a small group of friends in New York who jokingly called themselves Muslim hipsters. Mipsterz quickly evolved into an online community, and the group has garnered international attention.

The career Fatima Bano has carved out in the male-dominated sport of wrestling is an unusual one for a Muslim woman in India. But she still believes, with a change in mindset, there is opportunity for the sport to grow.

A Muslim-American woman in Michigan has filed a federal lawsuit against the Oceana County Sheriff Department for allegedly violating her First Amendment rights when she was arrested earlier this month and forced to remove her hijab.

The Auburn Giants, Australia’s first all-Muslim women football team, is preparing itself to make history when it plays a historic curtain-raiser at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) next month.

Thirty Muslim students were denied entry to the De Mot-Couvreur institute in Brussels for wearing long skirts.The director of the school said it breached the school’s regulations as long skirts were a ‘symbol of religiosity.’

The athleisure space has become a multi-billion dollar industry, with women now opting for comfortable apparel items that have both style and function. One demographic they’ve largely ignored: the Muslim market.

It’s a sensitive issue and one that divides both people within the Islamic faith and outside it: the hijab. For some, it’s an expression of modesty and liberation, for others it represents injustice and oppression.

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