Friday Links

Friday Links June 19, 2015


British Pakistani Azi Ahmed has written a book called ‘World’s Apart’, about her experience as a Muslim training to join the SAS (Special Air Service).

Julia Hartley Brewer investigates the motivations of British Muslim women who are joining Isis, arguing that they are seeking “freedom” from family members who control their lives, expecting them to “live in the Wes without enjoying many of its freedoms.” 

Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi has been criticised for her “revealing” leotard at the Southeast Asia games, where she won a total of six medals.

Michelle Obama has a message for young Muslim women in East London

Chad becomes the second country in Africa to ban the full face veil.

Emmanuel Ndegwe is believed to have targeted Somali women because he ‘had a fetish’ for women wearing hijab

Lauren Loftus writes about Noor Tagouri’s ambition to become “the first hijabi anchor on U.S. commercial television”

Several Pakistani newspapers have written about a teenage Muslim girl seeking to convert to Sikhism

Fatme Dakroub, 34, says she was forced to remove her hijab when she was falsely arrested for driving on an expired license.

Abeey Yusuf writes “a letter to complex, diverse women beyond and beneath the headscarf.”

Minnesota Muslim women share their experiences of wearing hijab

In Britain, Jewish and Muslim women connect over Mitzvah Day


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