Friday Links

Friday Links August 21, 2015

Muslim women in Morocco are demanding a female-only beach so they can enjoy the summer weather without having to worry about keeping their bodies covered.

A progressive Mumbai-based Muslim women’s group has published a survey whose findings are so stark that they should, finally, put an end to any further debate on the urgent need to reform the Muslim Personal Law in order to protect women from its continued abuse.

Officials have told the BBC that contrary to recent announcements, the number of Britons emigrating to Syria to live under Islamic State (IS) rule peaked two years ago. However, the proportion of women among those joining the extremist group has risen dramatically.

A new wave of Muslim female bloggers is tackling issues traditionally considered taboo by their communities, and trying to shatter stereotypes around their culture.

The market for Muslim fashion, often synonymous with the “modest fashion” market, is no small fry. Although there are smaller markets for Orthodox Jews and Christians, Muslims have huge buying potential in the modest fashion market.

Asifa Lahore is a practising Muslim who dresses in drag. Here’s how he came to embrace his multifaceted identity.

Young Muslim girls from West Bengal are being sold to men looking for brides in Haryana for as little as Rs50,000 to Rs100,000.

Egypt has banned children from wearing hijabs to primary school. Speaking in an interview, the Minister said that Islam did not require girls to wear the hijab until they reach puberty and so there was no need for them to wear the veil in primary school.

In yet another case of Islamophobia, a Muslim woman has been denied service in a Michigan store after she refused to take off her Islamic hijab.



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