Friday Links

Friday Links August 28, 2015

A year after she was elected as the Female Muslim MP in Malawi parliament, Aisha Mambo has vowed to use her new role to advocate for a larger representation of Muslim women in the country.

Leading Muslim Organization Campaigns for Women-Friendly Mosques, calling on mosques across the country to be more inclusive of women.

Nearly all women in Egypt, whose population is 90% Muslim, wear a veil. So it would seem foolish for any Egyptian business to exclude covered women. Yet that is exactly what some fancy restaurants, pools and beach resorts are doing.

A leading US Muslim advocacy group has filed a complaint over the Columbus Police Division’s refusal to allow women officers to wear hijab, calling the decision a discriminatory one.

A Muslim student has been banned from entering her high school class in the Swiss canton of Bern and was sent to home for donning the Islamic headscarf or hijab.

Life as a Muslim girl isn’t always easy. Sometimes you’ve got to balance your faith with fashion, work, and a zillion other things. Ikhlas of Metro lists 10 of them.

Several Muslim women took to Whisper, an app that allows people to secretly admit to things they’d never dare say in public, to reveal their true feelings about wearing hijab and the negative attention they receive.

A top Malaysian pop singer officially proclaimed her conversion to Islam during a press conference, confirming rumors about embracing Islam after being spotted wearing hijab, according to media reports.

Does Hijab become an obstacle for a Muslim woman to express herself through fashion? Ask Saudi designer Nabila Nazer and she will whip out some of the trendiest and coolest looks for a modest, modern woman.

Influential Emirati women celebrate Emirati Women’s Day. Thursday marks the occasion of the first Emirati Women’s Day, celebrating the achievements of Emirati women and their contributions to the growth of the nation.


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