The Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of

The Presidential Candidate You’ve Never Heard Of November 7, 2016


















Brad Lyttle is the perennial presidential candidate you’ve never heard of. I met him at a weekend gathering of Quakers in Colorado in October. He was spry and steady on his feet, so I didn’t worry when he joined in our community getting-to-know-you games. He was surprised that at 88 he was the oldest person playing. He seemed quite at home with the Quakers, and I assumed that he was someone’s father or a member of one of the Colorado Quaker meetings whom I had not yet met. Well, I’d never met him before, he is from Chicago, and he was full of surprises.

During one of the presentations, he asked for 5 minutes to explain the Apocalypse Equation. With it, he proved that our current approach to controlling nuclear weapons is a folly. Lyttle has a secular argument for nonviolence. For those of you who like mathematics and graphs, here is the equation, its graph, and a brief explanation.

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