Epic Rap Battles of (Catholic) History: Nicholas vs Arius

Epic Rap Battles of (Catholic) History: Nicholas vs Arius December 6, 2016


Epic Rap Battles of History! Nicholas vs Arius! Begin!

God is the Supreme, on that we can agree,
but that His son is His equal? I just cannot see!
The son of man was born,
so he was just a creation.
Not the king of all kings and the lord of all nations.

Watch your mouth, you old heretic, and you’d best write this down
cuz this bishop from Myra is coming to town.
In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God,
but you kinda forgot the part where He also WAS God.

He was tempted and tried,
he can’t be fully divine.
Tryin to read between the lines?
You’re ripping off of the myths!

If you keep shooting off at the mouth like this,
you’re gonna find out what happens when this bishop gets pissed!


Dude, you shouldn’t have hit me!
Now you’re going to jail! They should brand you like an ox.
You broke the rules. Epic fail!

Oh yeah, you snake? Cuz Jesus busted me out
so you’d better listen well and you’d better watch out.
I’m rewriting this creed cuz you’re causing a scandal
Our Lord’s begotten, not made, aka consubstantial
BT-Dubz, Our Lord gave me a warning for you
If you try to approach Him, you’ll be spelling your doom
He won’t let you get close, guilt will fill you with gloom
And you’ll die with all of your guts out in a public bathroom.

*End Battle*

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