The Writer in Question

Five words that describe me:

Catholic (cath-uh-lick): (noun) a member of a Catholic church, especially of the Roman Catholic Church.

Aspergian (as-per-gee-un): (noun)  A person who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Synonym: Aspie

Fangirl (phan-grrl): (noun) a young female human being who puts way too much emotional investment into fictional characters and the actors who portray them

Writer (rite-err): (noun) one who writes

Potential (puh-ten-shul): (noun) someone or something that is considered a worthwhile possibility

In every generation, there are young Catholics. They discern vocations from marriage to priesthood and everything in between. I am the one chosen to tell their stories along with my own.

So what’s my story? I’m a cradle Catholic who’s experienced both Catholic and public school. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 6th grade and a lover of the written word long before that.

I love movies and TV shows with well-written characters and great dialogue. None of the shows I currently watch and love are what people call “mainstream” except for Doctor Who. I also love musicals and taking pictures on Instagram.

Outside of the internet, I teach Catechism, volunteer my time at my church’s social ministry services as well as young adult retreats, knit, read, and make lots of hot chocolate or tea depending on the season.

I am pretty much open to whatever vocation God is calling me to. But the first call I and every other young Catholic out there has to answer is the call to holiness.


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