We Will Continue to Aid and Abet

We Will Continue to Aid and Abet November 15, 2011

I was distressed to see the mass clearings of various Occupy camps around the country. Particularly in light of how authorities here in Providence have handled it all, so far, it seems, a concern for all involved, allowing a long withheld and, to my mind, necessary witness being presented to the world.

In Oakland among the thirty plus who were arrested at six a.m. yesterday were my UU ministerial colleagues Jeremy Nickel, Kurt Kuhwald, and seminarian Marcus Liefert, as well as liberal theologian Rita Nakashima Brock, Franciscan priest Louie Vitale, among other clergy.

Kind of hard not to take this personally…

I hope the Occupy movement will regroup and refocus.

The energy generated is something powerful.

The witness to the wrongs of our society, mixed as it is, this is a human enterprise after all, still, that witness to the wrongs going on, particularly how our government has been co-opted by the rich and powerful how big money has poisoned our political processes is critical.

Critical if we hope to shift, to move in new directions, to genuinely serve all the people…

I’m deeply honored to serve among a congregation that has so many committed to supporting this movement, helping as each best can with physical presence, with food, with clothing and other supplies.

We will continue to aid and abet…

I find my self thinking of that old slogan, made fresh by young and vigorous voices.

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