Recalling the Faithful Fool Kay Jorgensen

Recalling the Faithful Fool Kay Jorgensen January 15, 2018

Kay Jorgensen






I’ve just learned the Reverend Kay Jorgensen died today. She had just turned eighty-six.

A Unitarian Universalist minister, she was co-founder with a Franciscan nun Carmen Barsody of the Faithful Fools. Drawing on the social justice visions of Unitarian Universalism and Roman Catholicism, then throwing in a more than passing interest in Zen practices, and whatever other foolish wisdom crossed their paths, they created a ministry. The Fathful Fools have proven a blessing to those who live on the streets of San Francisco. And, well, the truth be told creating a blessing for the whole of this poor, wounded, world.

Faithful fools founders

Here’s one reflection on the Fools and their founders. Here’s another. And here’s a third.


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