Crossing a Rubicon

Crossing a Rubicon January 10, 2019



Traditionally we mark today, then 10th of January, in the 49th year before our common era as the day that Julius Caesar crossed the river Rubicon. Suetonius says that as his army began to cross Caesar declared, “Alea iacta est!” The die has been cast…

It has come to be a common enough expression in our culture.


Not a bad moment for us, you and me, to consider is there a river for us to cross? To cross and then to then burn the bridges? And from that to go forward?

A dangerous moment…

A throw of the dice…

A moment

Something trembling with possibility?

Me, I am right now looking at just such a thing. And how about you? Have you ever faced such a moment. And what about. now? Do you face such a moment?

Worth a moment’s consideration, I suspect…


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