Welcome Summer! Holy Beltane…

Welcome Summer! Holy Beltane… May 1, 2022



There are so many things that could be noted about May 1st.

But, me, as usual, I’m going whole hog for Beltane!

It’s a holiday in the calendar of my ancestors, or, some of them, anyway.

In ancient Celtic cultures it’s the beginning of summer. And so its the time cattle were taken to their summer pastures. There was also a tradition of visiting holy wells. And various doings with flowers. Of course, there’s that May pole. Also, a time of bonfires, the ashes of which have special powers to help one through the rest of the year.

I think some odds and ends have survived into May Day celebrations in various parts of Western Europe to this day…

So, my fondest wishes for a blessed Beltane to all! The glory of the bright one be upon you…

And may your summer bring joy and fullness…

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