A Brief Universalist Spiritual Reading Guide

A Brief Universalist Spiritual Reading Guide July 16, 2023

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I’ve been working on a brief reflection to mark my seventy-fifth birthday tomorrow.

After a ton of writing, I’ve done three quarters of a ton of cutting.

This I couldn’t just leave as scattered pixels into the universe.

A bit of a reading list, my core spiritual texts. Maybe they’ll be of some use to you. And in that spirit I offer this list up.

For me the truths of the matter are found in a distillation, a contrast and compare of the Bhagavad Gita, the Daodejing, the Heart Sutra, the Genjokoan, and a summary of the Mahayana I’ve compiled for myself. Throw in a couple of meditation manuals and the great koan collections starting with the Gateless Gate.

The Bible is the text of my ancestors and I continue to read it, but through the lens these other teachings have graced me with.

My holy books. You’re welcome.


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