The First Color Cartoon Film

The First Color Cartoon Film August 16, 2023

Flip the Frog



As it happens it was today, the 16th of August in 1930, that’s 93 years ago today, that Ub Iwerks produced his first theatrical cartoon short since a fight with Walt Disney and leaving employment with Disney studios earlier that year.

Featuring his character Flip the Frog, Fiddlesticks was the first cartoon filmed entirely in color.

Iwerks is notable for a number of things, probably not least among which was taking a sketch provided by Walt Disney and producing the first version of Mickey Mouse. Fiddlesticks has a walk on character that has a resemblance…

Iwerks would then work for Looney Tunes and Color Rhapsody before rejoining Disney where he worked on a number of projects, including the Song of the South.

With that and with no further ado…

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