The Heart’s Pursuit

The Heart’s Pursuit April 1, 2014

“And among mankind are those who take other than Allah as equals [to Him]. They love them as they [should only] love Allah. But those who truly believe are more intense in their love for Allah…” (2:165)

We all give our hearts to something in this life, whether it’s a person, or our goals, reputation, possessions, appearance, wealth, or just about anything else. We strive to calm the turbulence of our hearts through it. Our love or desire for it consumes us, until we lose sight of Who put that person or thing in our lives to begin with. We yearn for it until we forget why we wanted it in the first place, and how it’s going to help us reach our Goal.

Whatever it is that you long for, whatever it is that you seek: if your desire for it is coming between you and Allah… Run; it’s toxic.

“Then flee to Allah…” (51:50)

Apni panaah mein layle mujhe
Gumraahi-e-dil se bachaale mujhe
Jis shiddat se chaahne lagi hoon use
Us shiddat se Apna banaale mujhe.

Ameen, ya Rab

English translation:

Take me into Your refuge
Save me from the wandering of my heart
With the same intensity that I’ve started longing for it/them
Make me Yours with that intensity.


اپنی پناہ میں لیلے مجھے

گمراہئ دل سے بچا لے مجھے

جس شدت سے چاہنے لگی ہوں اسے

اس شدت سے اپنا بنا لے محھے

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