These Entrepreneurs Are Making Hajj & Umrah Easier for Americans

These Entrepreneurs Are Making Hajj & Umrah Easier for Americans August 14, 2017

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Photo by Sher Shah Rahim on Unsplash

I went for Umrah for the first time last year and, unfortunately, I was not as well-prepared as I thought I was. After arriving in Mecca, I realized that I needed to shop for some supplies, which was a major inconvenience because I was there for the purpose of worship. The shops were far from our hotel, and we didn’t find everything we needed because a lot of what was being sold was just souvenirs.

InshaAllah whenever I go again next time, I hope to shop online in advance, rather than using whatever supplies I have lying around. The only issue is that 1) most of the websites with Hajj & Umrah supplies are not based in America, so the shipping rates are very expensive, and 2) if I shop somewhere like Amazon, I’ll have to search for each item individually and may forget to buy some things (or not even realize that I need them).

So when I learned about, a website which offers free shipping in the US and has all of the Hajj/Umrah essentials clearly laid out in a single space, I knew it was a game-changer. They also sell things like Islamic wall art, which I can give as a gift to someone who has recently returned from Hajj or Umrah.

In this exclusive interview, Mohammed and Fatir, co-founders of Our 5th Pillar, give future Hajj and Umrah-goers the low-down on their online store.

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