Counting Down the Days of Ramadan

Counting Down the Days of Ramadan July 17, 2012

Lots of Ramadan preps going on amongst my Muslim peeps. Like many Muslim parents, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make the month exciting and meaningful for my kids. Though Allah knows best, I’m pretty certain Lil D will never fast. Keeping his schedule going (his bedtime will be coinciding with iftaar time this year), and perhaps getting him to join us for a few iftaars this year (before he goes to bed) are my practical hopes.

My daughter, Amal, is really coming into her own with learning what Ramadan is about, why we fast, and how much we have to be thankful for. I’ve asked her to set some Ramadan goals: She wants to try and consistently pray all five daily prayers and fast twice a week, and I’ve asked her to keep the momentum going in her year-long orphan sponsorship project.

I also want to make Ramadan fun and exciting for the kids, hence my quest for some cool Ramadan decorations to jazz up the house. Lights? Yep, got them. A beautiful illuminated crescent moon and star? Yep. Ramadan Mubarak centerpiece? Check. And, I think I just hit the motherlode with my latest find: The Ramadan “Advent” calendar. It’s a felt cresecent moon and star with the 30 pockets sewn on it, and the Arabic numbers from 1-30 on each pocket. You can put in a little du’a (prayer) or a Ramadan tidbit of information, or maybe a piece of candy that you can give to your kids at iftaar time. It helps them count down the days to Eid. I think I’ll put some candy and a message in each day recognizing some good deed one of my kids did that day.

I’m pretty sure a crafty person can make something like this, but I’m not so crafty, and I was happy to order this online. Want it? Find it here. If you have cool Ramadan decoration or craft ideas, please add them to the comments section below. This busy mom could use some more good ideas! Ramadan Kareem everyone. Please keep the Muslimah Next Door and her family in your prayers.

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