6 Ways to Create an Autism-Friendly Ramadan and Eid

6 Ways to Create an Autism-Friendly Ramadan and Eid June 7, 2017

Autism_Awareness_puzzle piecesThis is a guest post from my friend Nakia Jackson, mom to Zak, who is autistic and awesome.

By Nakia Jackson

The stories about autism-friendly Santas and Christmas-related events has sparked some envy. Ramadan and Eid usually find Zak and I at home. The crowds make for extreme sensory overload in an environment where if he bolts, it’s hard to catch him.

But, there are many things our mosques, community centers and Muslim communities can do to help make Ramadan and Eid more autism friendly. Because, you may not realize just how many of your community members are autistic or have a loved one who is, and how they may like to be part of the communal Ramadan experience. Here are six suggestions to consider.

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