If you’ve attended any sort of Muslim fundraiser of any sort — at an Islamic school, masjid, Muslim organization — chances are you’ve heard Imam Siraj Wahhaj speak. Chances are the twinkle in his warm eyes coupled with the deep timbre of his voice urging you to donate based on faith-ful appeals had you reaching for your pocketbook. He is the embodiment of Islam in America, the one so many of us feel close to even though we may not… Read more

Chief Justice John Roberts declared that the majority of the Supreme Court saw no anti-Muslim bias in President Trump’s Muslim Ban (aka the travel ban) and thus the executive order was not violating religious freedom and would be upheld. He is wrong. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in her written dissent explained why with painstaking details The following is a gathered account of what Sotomayor detailed in her dissent opinion. My friend Cullen Seltzer (a lawyer), took what Sotomayor wrote and compiled… Read more

Among the many campaign promises and bigoted viewpoints and rallying cries that President Donald J. Trump campaigned on, one that was loudly and definitively supported by his base was his proposed ban on Muslims. He literally campaigned on banning Muslims, saying until he and his future administration could figure things out, he would push for a complete and total shut down of all Muslims entering the United States. Trump spoke about how “Islam hates him.” Time and time again on… Read more

Ramadan was different when D was 11 and autistic. Ramadan was different when D was 14 and autistic. Ramadan will be different with D now 17 and autistic. The autism diagnosis and pervasive influence in our life doesn’t change. D, however, now a young man entering a different stage of life, has changed. As has his younger siblings, who are now 10 and 14. As have I – a woman in her fourth decade of life, preternaturally beyond the scope… Read more

There comes a time, probably many times, when you ask yourself – what do you want. What do you really want. And, if you’re lucky to figure that out, even for a small amount of time before things change and shift on you again, then maybe you have a chance at pruning the branches of your life so that your tree, and the branches that really matter, have the best chance at thriving. I want to be happy and at… Read more

Editor’s Note – This is a guest post by Sabeeha Rehman You are sitting in your living room when suddenly the front door bursts open and a young man barges into your home—a stranger. How would you react? Scream? Confront him? Pull out a gun? Call the cops? My son had just pulled up in his minivan in front of a house of a family they were visiting. In the car was his wife and his three children. As the… Read more

“Dr. Ali, Patrick is ready in exam room 2.” I glanced at my computer screen to look at my schedule: 11:30 a.m. Patrick Smith* follow-up visit; 11:45 a.m. John Doe* new patient evaluation. I was half way through my typical day with ten more patients to see, charting to finish on all my patients for the day, and patient phone calls and messages to answer. Patrick is a 23-year-old young man who has been my patient for the past five… Read more

First came the news of serial package bombings happening across the Austin, Texas, which had terrified the city and its surrounding suburbs for nearly three weeks in March of 2018, leaving two people dead. Then the bombing suspect, a young, white Christian male identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, killed himself with one of his own bombing devices in his SUV after he was cornered by a swat team. In his death, he literally became a suicide bomber. And yet, as… Read more

On the agenda for today are doctor’s appointments for my daughter and I, another bi-annual assessment of my son’s autism medical and support needs with my eldest son’s nursing care coordinator (because he is the deserved recipient of a Medicaid waiver), regular office work, lots of Lego playing for my youngest son, and a kid’s dinner we are hosting tonight for our kids and my nieces. Daughter A is in the kitchen, utterly relaxed, making “Instagram-worthy avocado toast and cloud… Read more

What does it mean to be “unapologetically Muslim?” Does it mean to be a loud and proud Muslim in every aspect of one’s life? Does it mean to be publicly Muslim – touting one’s Muslim-ness in every aspect of their life? Isn’t faith something to be practiced privately, between one and one’s God? And, what does it mean to teach one’s children to be unapologetically Muslim? As parents, are we pushing what our belief systems are on our children without… Read more

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