Umar Lee Converts Back to Christianity

Umar Lee Converts Back to Christianity May 17, 2013

Prominent (former) American Muslim Umar Lee has converted back to Christianity, and the blogosphere and social networks are on fire. Lee was guided from “streets of St. Louis and a working Southern Baptist home to Islam as a teenager,” according to his author profile on Amazon. He has been featured on the Voice of America, was a political correspondent for  (where I worked as well for nearly eight years), and received a Brass Crescent Award for best blog series.

In a video posted on Youtube, Lee cited numerous reasons for going back to Christianity, including infighting and division in the Muslim community, being judged on things like a woman’s hijab or the length of a man’s beard, on apostasy, on how Muslims are killing Muslims, on how he doesn’t know a happy Muslim and a host of other reasons. Many things he cites are problems, indeed. But these problems exist in other faith traditions as well, and there is so much good and change happening in the Muslim community that he doesn’t even address.  Well, it’s too earlyin all of this — and the story needs to unfold more — before we can venture forth an opinion.

Watch his video explanation.


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