Best Inspirational Moments (IMHO) from First Days of Rio Olympics

Best Inspirational Moments (IMHO) from First Days of Rio Olympics August 9, 2016

Hello. Lifelong Olympic junkie here, getting my kicks from the big-name and little-known athletes whose stories, endeavors, trials and tribulations squeeze the world’s collective heart. From feeling the heartache as a child when speed skater Dan Jansen failed to medal (or complete) both of his events upon hearing of the death of his sister at the 1988 winter games, to the North and South Korean athletes putting politics aside marching together in the Opening Ceremonies of the 2000 games under one flag, there is no shortage of inspirational stories that have had me — and I suspect you — verklempt over the years.

This year’s summer games in Rio de Jenairo have not failed to disappoint in its first few days. I’m already heart-full of emotion-laden stories of athletes who have triumphed, failed, persevered and embraced the spirit of the games. Medal or not — all are winners. Maybe that’s hokey and Pollyanna-ish of me, but so be it. Click “continue” to see some of my favorite inspirational moments from the 2016 Rio games thus far!

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