7 Medjugorje Moments That Remind Us that Heaven is Real

7 Medjugorje Moments That Remind Us that Heaven is Real April 18, 2016

gospa-painting-medjugorjeWith Medjugorje, there is a purpose to the Virgin Mary’s time here and her purpose is to guide us towards eternity.

1. Our Lady says it is important that we understand that Heaven and hell are real. She says: “And through the message that she gave us she said that our lives must be like a flower, and that we are here just in a passing way. Only eternal life does not pass. For that reason she urges us, and she asks us, to think more of the spiritual life and of paradise. She wants us to think of Hell and of Purgatory. She said our life will be very different, our attitude toward life will be very different, when we think of the life after this one. And she said we shall really, truly understand that this life is only passing like a flower, and that here we are in this world in a passing path. This is why she urges us: enjoy it….that we may live this short life in joy; that we may understand, as it says in the Bible…that we are truly on a path that we’re only passing by. This is why Our Lady showed Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. To show us that these realities exist.”1.

2. “Because every single human being is asking is there a life after this life on earth, I am standing before you here today, I am standing before the entire world and I can easily answer that question. Yes, there is a life after this life, because by God and Our Lady I was given this great grace, that I was able to see my late mother during that apparition time and my mom told me: “My dear child, I’m proud of you.” 

“We were made for eternity’ – The Queen of Peace

3.”Peace, peace, peace  – Put God in the first place and have peace in the heart”

4. The Virgin Mary has said often that we transition from this world to the eternal world. She literally calls us on earth “travelers”. In a message to the visionaries the Virgin Mary said “Do not forget that you are travelers on the way toward eternity. In a separate message, the Mother of Christ said “be real with yourselves and do not bind yourselves to material things but to God. And do not forget, little children, that your life is as passing as a flower.

5. Medjugorje Visionary, Ivanka, says that Mary told her, “You go to Heaven in full conscience: that which you have now. At the moment of death, you are conscious of the separation of the body and soul. It is false to teach people that you are reborn many times and that you pass to different bodies. One is born only once. The body, drawn from the earth, decomposes after death; it never comes back to life again. Man receives a transfigured body.”

6. “I Have come to tell the world the God exists”

7. “I am beautiful because I love”


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