Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti Mournful Cry for the “Holy Mother”

Eric Clapton and Luciano Pavarotti Mournful Cry for the “Holy Mother” May 16, 2016



holymotherStephen Ryan

“Holy Mother, where are you?
Tonight I feel broken in two.”

Eric Clapton wrote this most beautiful song — a heartfelt prayer to the Blessed Mother. In this benefit concert, watch how beautifully his prayer is expressed with the accompaniment of the great Italian opera singer Luciano Pavarotti.

Clapton’s prayer, is indeed real. In his painfully honest memoir, Clapton: The Autobiography, he elaborates on the beginnings of his prayer life — a 1987 rock-bottom moment at the rehab treatment center.

“I was in complete despair,” Clapton wrote. “In the privacy of my room, I begged for help. I had no notion who I thought I was talking to, I just knew that I had come to the end of my tether . . .  and, getting down on my knees, I surrendered. Within a few days I realized that . . . I had found a place to turn to, a place I’d always known was there but never really wanted, or needed, to believe in. From that day until this, I have never failed to pray in the morning, on my knees, asking for help, and at night, to express gratitude for my life and, most of all, for my sobriety. I choose to kneel because I feel I need to humble myself when I pray, and with my ego, this is the most I can do. If you are asking why I do all this, I will tell you . . . because it works, as simple as that.

“I have always LOVED this song! I LOVE Pavarotti too. So sad that he is gone. It makes me cry each time I listen to it because it is so BEAUTIFUL! When I came to the section in EC’s Autobiography about Holy Mother….. the emotion heard in this song is so GLORIOUS. When EC explained about this song, it hit me so HARD that I knew I must favorite this. Incredible with EC, Pavarotti, choir, and orchestra combined. So very beautiful. The power of music surely surged inthe hearts of the people with the love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother. ”  so says Kialubeach Clapton fan.


Holy Mother, where are you?
Tonight I feel broken in two.
I’ve seen the stars fall from the sky.
Holy mother, can’t keep from crying.

Oh I need your help this time,
Get me through this lonely night.
Tell me please which way to turn

To find myself again.

Holy mother, hear my prayer,
Somehow I know you’re still there.
Send me please some peace of mind;
Take away this pain.

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait any longer.

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait for you.

Holy mother, hear my cry,
I’ve cursed your name a thousand times.
I’ve felt the anger running through my soul;
All I need is a hand to hold.

Oh I feel the end has come,
No longer my legs will run.
You know I would rather be
In your arms tonight.

When my hands no longer play,
My voice is still, I fade away.
Holy mother, then I’ll be
Lying in, safe within your arms.


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