Where does it end? Get “Woke” Nancy Pelosi and Social Justice Warriors…”Columbia” as in District of Columbia is the ultimate symbol of “White Supremacy”…”Columbia” is the white Goddess of the Manifest Destiny.

Where does it end? Get “Woke” Nancy Pelosi and Social Justice Warriors…”Columbia” as in District of Columbia is the ultimate symbol of “White Supremacy”…”Columbia” is the white Goddess of the Manifest Destiny. June 16, 2020

By Stephen Ryan editor of Mystic Post.com

Before Kiwi shoe polish started ending careers, the modern-day tribe of social justice warriors was on the warpath attacking symbols of white privilege. From the moment Rachel Maddow channeled “the Scream” on cable TV after realizing Donald Trump was the newly elected president of the United States it was game on for the perpetually offended.

Many of the battles started quietly.  The small skirmishes — a demolished statue here, a Confederate soldier on a horse there — have been tasty little victories, delicious morsels of revenge, for the social justice bounty hunters,  but recently, big game prizes are beginning to find their way onto trophies walls.

Notre Dame was gunned down by the mob after being forced to admit that Catholic explorer Christopher Columbus was a “catastrophe.”  In a humiliating and sad mark of defeat, the university covered the painting of a man who has his own national holiday with bedsheets — a white flag of surrender.

Importantly, and alarmingly,  today, there is nothing in the way to stop the indigenous tribe of the offended from pursuing more game.  The Democratic Party is not going to get in the way — it’s the party’s base.  Progressives are really not interested in anything beyond what offends them — certainly not things like “issues” actually important to the American people.  Issues are for losers.  It’s way more fun to harpoon the deplorables.

All that matters is saving the world from racists, misogynists, and bigots, because, as we all know, they are everywhere.  Thank God for the gladiators at CNN, who keep America safe by reminding us all day long that there are bigots under the bed.

The irony of much of this is that many of the tribal chiefs for the social justice warriors make their home in Washington, D.C. — the District of Columbia — a city named after a really, really white woman who represents not so much making America great but rather making America white and free of native American blood.  Columbia, as in District of, at one time was the symbol of the “Manifest Destiny” that, back in the day, stood for something virtuous but now has the ring of something Mao Zedong might have come up with.

John Gast captured the hopes of an earlier America in a painting of Columbia called American Progress (1872).  The painting is said to be an “allegorical representation of the Manifest Destiny and  the modernization of the new west,” but looking through today’s über-sensitive identity lenses, many of us will see that the painting embodies nothing more than white supremacy.

It’s hard not to giggle contemplating a “woke” Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters clutching their pearls, seething in anger as she glares at the mail with the offending home address on her envelopes.  “Yes, Nancy, it’s that Columbia.”  The District of White Superiority.

To get started with the task of “wiping” America’s history clean like Hillary’s server with weaponized virtue, the folks who say they are tolerant toward everything but in fact scold virtually everybody might consider toppling the statue that crowns the U.S. Capitol.

The twenty-foot-tall statue that looms majestically above the District of Columbia is named the “Statue of Freedom,” and to the surprise of many, the bronze sculpture is not a noble Indian, but rather a white woman, inspired by the American goddess “Columbia.”

Let the toppling begin; there is no other choice.  A white woman — a “goddess” — who stands above the “District of Columbia” has appropriated American Indian culture, wearing Indian attire and holding a “wreath of victory” as if she were dressed for Halloween.

The social justice bounty hunters must act — there is no other choice.  Bedsheets now, to cover the offense, before somebody’s life is ruined.

Stephen is the author of The Madonna Files, an Amazon best-selling Vatican thriller.  Mr. Ryan also publishes the Catholic news site “Mystic Post.”

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