Former Atheist and Rolling Stone Writer’s Miracle in Medjugorje..”Suddenly I felt compelled to go down on my knees to pray for the first time in my life.”

Former Atheist and Rolling Stone Writer’s Miracle in Medjugorje..”Suddenly I felt compelled to go down on my knees to pray for the first time in my life.” July 7, 2016

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Randall Sullivan is a former agnostic, raised by atheists, an Ivy Leaguer, and was a  contributing editor to Rolling Stone for over twenty years. He is also the author of The Price of Experience, Labyrinth, and the great book about Medjugorje called  The Miracle Detective, which inspired the television show he hosted on the Oprah Winfrey Network. 

Do miracles really exist? Or is there a logical explanation to the seemingly inexplicable?

While travelling as a war correspondent in Bosnia, Sullivan saw an inexplicable vision on Cross Mountain in Medjugorje during a violent thunder and lightning storm.  He’s convinced it was a miracle.  Mr. Sullivan took a moment out of his busy schedule to talk with Mystic Post about that “inexplicable vision that changed his life”

Randall0517ce3558814bb18e82d1fe6667d117 Sullivan: “
The ‘vision’ referred to is the experience I described taking place during my first climb up Cross Mountain after interviewing Medjugorje visionary Mirjana. The interview ended in a bit of of a ‘spat.’ She basically threw me out of her house.

Finding myself with time on my hands, I headed to Cross Mountain. It was a blistering hot day.  It was so hot nobody was crazy enough to climb the mountain that afternoon, so I found myself alone. Making my way up the mountain I was quickly engulfed and terrified by the strangest and most focused thunderstorm I’ve ever seen or heard about.  Lighting was so intense and close I could feel the heat. I thought ‘Well if there is a God, I guess this is my time.’

Strangely, as the storm raged,  I then heard a sound of French voices singing.  I continued up the mountain on very shaky legs, led by the beautiful song. I then came upon a group of nuns kneeling in the mud at a station of the cross.  As they knelt the thunder and lightening  continued to cascade around us. Then suddenly I felt  compelled to go down on my knees to pray myself for the first time in my life.  

After a few moments of prayer I continued  up the mountain with the nuns, stopping with them to pray at each station of the cross. And then on the mountaintop of Cross Mountian I was comforted by a young woman.  I was not sure it was one of the nuns. The young woman then laid a cloth over my shoulders and put a hat on my head.  The young woman had a special grace when I suddenly I felt this immense sense of peace.

I found myself laughing in some kind of glorious relief. The  whole episode–the storm, th0427_littlesisterse singing nuns, my first prayers–was overwhelming. I then  closed my eyes to pray for a moment and after opening my eyes again I discovered that the sun was out, the skies had cleared, and the nuns and the young woman were nowhere to be seen.

I could not believe they were gone. I ran back down the mountain and then up again and then down again looking for the nuns, not being able to find them. I went into town and asked everybody that I could or anyone at the cafes at the bottom of the mountain who had seen any group of nuns on the mountain that day. Nobody had seen the nuns.

I was then confronted by the thought that I might have hallucinated, but I quickly came to a decision that I  HAD seen what I had seen and that it would be like slapping away God’s hand to deny it.”

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Randall Sullivan on Medjugorje

“There is no single word I discovered that so instantly could produce a rapturous smile a derisive snort or an uncomfortable silence in the Vatican as “Medjugorje.” What fascinated me  was that those that extolled Medjugorje as a place of sacred virtue of unparalleled power all had made pilgrimages to experience the village first hand, while those who scoffed knew only what they had read or heard. The priests inclined to to dismiss reports of miracles at Medjugorje (first as an insult to their intelligence and second as an embarrassment to the church) all seemed curiously muted.”  -Randall Sullivan

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