cartoon: brain freeze

cartoon: brain freeze July 20, 2009


The problem with such signs is you never know how long they’ve been gone, and you never know if they mean 10 minutes from “now”, which is always the present moment, which means they will likely never return to work. Yes, this is my brain we are talking about.


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  • Fre

    Most of the time, the sign hanging on my brain reads, “Out to lunch.”

  • Tiggy

    Mine should read, ‘WE HAVE VACANCIES’.

  • The garage opposite my house has the sign “Back in 10” permenantly on display – that’s probably the sign hung on my brain!

  • This was a good thing to wake up to. Waking up laughing is never a bad thing. I think my brain has the ‘Back in 5’ sign up, because people always think I’ll be back really soon, but somehow… the thought they expected to arise never appears.

  • If that were a ‘union’ brain it would read 110 minutes.

  • Tiggy

    ‘The Union forever defending our rights
    Down with the blackleg, all workers unite
    With our brothers and our sisters together we will stand
    There is power in a Union.’