Illustration Friday: “strong”

Illustration Friday: “strong” September 5, 2009

bird versus wind

This is a watercolor I whipped up today. It is my Illustration Friday submission under the theme “Strong”. The bird clings to the branch resisting the prevailing autumn breeze. The leaves are going, but he’s not ready. It is measure 5″x7″ (13cm x 18cm). SOLD.

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  • Ren

    Very well executed. Kinda matches my theme–resilient on the outside, but strong at the core. The bendable tree survives the storm, and the bird that can weather it stays strong.

  • thanks ren.

  • pretty!

  • I like this a lot! I love the kind of barren landscape and strong colors.

  • Love it! You actually getting me accustomed to those birds too…

  • thanks kell.

  • tc

    Love it; you have a way of capturing strong emotions

  • thanks so much tc. that means a lot. and i get that a lot!! 😉

  • David,

    Are you interested in painting something similar to this for me. I love this painting and was sad to see that it was already sold by the time I read about it in my feed reader. : ( You can email me directly at whumes at, if you would like.

  • Tiggy

    Very evocative. I hope we can all weather the Autumn winds. That would make a nice cover illustration for a book of poetry.

  • TC

    David, thinking that this ‘strong’ pic might/should turn into a series of 3 strong themed paintings. It might take awhile (can’t force inspiration), and since the first one is sol, put me down for the first copy of the limited editions 🙂

  • Wow, again!

  • Tiggy

    If you know the person you’re selling a painting to, then you could add on a dedication to them afterwards, just in the corner. That would be a nice gesture and additional selling point. I suppose you could do it even if you don’t know them. If I bought a painting from you, I’d like it to have a little dedication on it, the way I have on some cd sleeves from singers I know or books by people I know. Inartistic friends have to buy me bracelets. 🙂

  • such a lovely illustration, really caught my eye

  • I think this is my favorite this week…super work, great composition…thanks.

  • wow. nice compliment. thanks! citrus tree designs.

  • Like that one a lot dude, swaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. you putting it up for sale?
    blessing and shalom –
    all the way from the Nation/ – ohhh ummm did i say that…….. well………
    Austin Texas that is.
    xo cathryn

  • when i posted it i said it was for sale in my etsy shop ( it sold in a few minutes. thanks for the compliments.

  • sorry, didn’t read it all the way ……… OY……………. ok will stick your etsy. shop on my memo!
    Nicely done!

  • Excellent!
    This painting has an almost oriental feel to it (at least to these eyes).
    Nice color, comp, balance and tone; bull’s-eye on this one.