a video of me drawing today’s cartoon

a video of me drawing today’s cartoon June 22, 2013

A young girl who likes my cartoons wanted to know how I drew them, so I did a video to show her.

I hope this helps Shena!

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Hey Mr Hayward!
    Thx so so so so much for the awesome video!
    It was really cool how you thought of all that detail just like that!
    I am feeling a lot better!
    I love how you draw your people — it’s really detailed!
    And i like the beard on the man it was a nice touch 🙂
    Once again thx so much it really made my day!
    Keep Drawing!

    (via Dad’s account)

  • Hey Shena! What an honor to hear from you personally. I’m thinking of you. This is a cartoon for you! I appreciate your kind words. You RAWK!! And call me David. 🙂

  • David,

    My whole family gathered around the computer to watch this video — how fantastic, we were all smiling.

    My daughter loved the greetings from your daughter — great camera work!

    During the drawing, my analytic son (13 years-old) said, “He has already drawn this sketch and now is redrawing it. Otherwise, this is pure genius. It is too perfect not to have been a re-sketching of what he already practiced. Ask him, Dad!”

    So there ya go. Even when you started I was looking for faint pencil lines on top of which you were going to use the permanent marker.

    But my son and I both agreed, “Even if it *is* his a sketching of a previous crafted rough drawing, it is amazing! Look how smoothly and perfectly his pens finds the right approaches to the lines.”

    So tell us, magician, what practice went before this sketch, or are you indeed a super-powered Wizard? 😉

    BTW, Shena was so inspired, that she is drawing a picture for you and we will be sending it in the mail for you. Thanx again, she loved it!

  • I’m saving this comment because it is so lovely. So, in response… I do this every day and you get used to knowing where things go. I “see” things in my head already drawn and I just put it down to paper. It’s really not “magic” (someone on my Youtube said the same thing)… it’s just lots and lots of practice. And it’s tons of fun.

    I can’t wait to receive Shena’s drawing. I’m sending her her’s tomorrow. Gee… I feel like I’ve found new friends 🙂