the kind of faith that moves real mountains

the kind of faith that moves real mountains June 22, 2013

faith moves mountains cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

This is a true story!

An east Indian, Dashrath Manjhi, lost his wife to illness when the nearest doctor could not reach them on time. The only way for the doctor in the nearest town could attend the people of Dashrath’s village was to travel around a mountain range, a distance of 75 kilometers.

So to make sure this didn’t happen again, Dashrath carved a road through the mountain. He did it with his own bare hands, working night and day for 22 years! He cut the distance down to 1 kilometer.

Now that’s the kind of faith that moves mountains. Literally!

What mountains are you facing that not only require faith, but patience and hard work, to toss into the sea?

–> An online friend has a daughter who is dealing with her own illness right now. She likes my cartoons. I think she wants to be an artist as well. She wanted to see how I did my cartoons, so I shot a video of me drawing this one. I’m going to post the video later today. I’m also giving her the original drawing of this cartoon. Get well my young friend!

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  • Pat68

    I like this–moving real mountains versus talking about faith that moves mountains as if the very utterance of this scripture passage is all that is needed. Sometimes that is the case, but more often, I find we need a faith that lives in the real world and that doesn’t always live in the netherworld of platitudes.

  • klhayes

    I really really like this…I always felt that people who say “the Lord will Provide” or “to just have faith” that things will work out use it as an excuse for not acting.

    Faith should prompt people to act. Right now I am not where I want to be career wise, but I work hard at the jobs I have and keep pushing my limits through new opportunities. I believe that God is walking with me as I do this, but I have to do it.

  • Wow, amazing story. I read elsewhere that people thought he was crazy — he was, crazy with grief transformed into compassion !

  • Shary Hauber

    Thanks for the encouragement today. In the battle again child abuse it take a lot of faith to keep shoveling the mountain of abuse. But we will get through that mountain.

  • marthaorlando

    Just love this story, David! Yes, we can move mountains when we trust in God to give us strength to do so.

  • Jerry Lynch

    I was raised with the notion that faith is action, or it is nothing. Someone coined a trite saying about this: “Faith without works is dead.” Faith means being as Christ. It means caring for the least of these, and that is how we will be judged. Our salvation is secured by spirit and grace and maintained by advancing the kingdom in service to the Lost and Needy.

  • klhayes

    That is from the Book of James.

  • Ambaa

    Not just faith, but love. Real, pure love.