cartoon: ideas people

cartoon: ideas people May 14, 2010

"Nice vid David - hilarious! We'll miss you and wish you all the best! (and ..."

nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos
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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Once again, you are marvelous!!!

    I am going to a couple of inteviews for ministry, and I am searching your cartoons to pick several that I can present to demonstrate some of my concerns and commitments. I will hand out the cartoon and then make my point. And I will be forwarding royalties 🙂 If I actually end up being offered a ministry position I acutally want, the royalties will be huge!!!! We’re a bit different so you don’t make some of the points I want to make, but you make enough of them to give me encouragement and some hope that honesty lasts longer than PR and image.

  • sweeeeeeeeet!

  • So true it hurts.

    I am going through a season of change in my life where I have been the guy on the ground a few times. I’m not complaining, it is well worth it. Loving others instead of religion, doctrine, or theology brings freedom and life to one’s heart, something the former can never do.

  • Amen.

    And thank you.

    [wishing there was some way to just comment with positive silence]

  • But wait!…are you going to feed that guy? has he said the sinners prayer yet? I dunno, we’re only supposed to help members. If they’re saved, they can stay at the shelter and have dinner…maybe we’ll let them stay one night if they’re not, but if they haven’t confessed Jesus they can’t stay a second night.

  • Gary

    Has no one ever met a believer who kept these two caricatured extremes in balance? I am not seeing the balance/wisdom that I see in “speak the truth in love.” Or maybe I missed something. feedback plz.

  • Great cartoon. It always seems debates over sound doctrine and theology matter more than people (in the church). It seems like this all goes back to the time in the Reformation where the ‘word of God’ became the actual ‘word of God’. This seemed to set in motion a trend that see’s the value of those words over human life. A trend we still see til this day.

    It seems to me Conservatives want to be right too much as compared to too loving…like they can’t make mistakes in both arena’s. Defending the word has become quite the balancing act for Cons ervative Christians, and they are becoming more and more unhinged with challenges to their long time secret/sacred ideas (which we opnely blog and dismantle these days). But they don’t care – as long as the ‘word’ is right (screw you/us for all they care).

    But that shows a very pathetic version of this faith, a self serving and self indulged version. Those who don’t leave soon will start eating their own feet.

  • Fred

    Nice cartoon: um…interesting idea?

  • Exaltation of ideals! Great comic point Dave!!!

    This is what I blog about – how the church worships ideals but is robbed of God and relationships.

    Check out my blog .
    I pray it blesses everyone. People are seemingl responding well to it.

  • Christine

    Gary said: “Has no one ever met a believer who kept these two caricatured extremes in balance? I am not seeing the balance/wisdom that I see in “speak the truth in love.” Or maybe I missed something. feedback plz.”

    Such a good question. Of course, it helps when the truth one claims to know actually is loving. The problem with many approaches, as I see it, is that the “truth” people claim to know is anything but loving, and therefore cannot be spoken in love. If God is Truth and Love, if truth and love both set us free, then they should not be in conflict. But instead of reexamining our so-called “truth”, people just try and put it in a prettier package, to say it in a politer way. This does not make an inherently unloving truth any more loving. It is just the appearance of tolerance on objectivity when the reality spams from just shy of that to its complete opposite. Hence, as I see it, the attempt to “balance” truth and love that gets us into so much trouble.

  • Laura

    I love this cartoon.

  • dodo

    Hello! Just found your cartoons. They are lovely, very funny and, some, terrifically accurate. And graphically impeccable. I’m not religious at all, personally. In fact, I’m so non-religious that I refuse to call myself an atheist (too religious, see?). I’m a hard-core agnostic. But I don’t mind in the least a bit of idolatry, now & again, in the form of worshipping good graphics and a sharp sense of humour.I also love theology. Anyway, fare thee well, gentle pastor, and keep the cartoons coming!