cartoon: “Wild”

cartoon: “Wild” November 29, 2010

This is drawn with pen and ink and graphite pencil on Strathmore heavy acid-free vellum. You can buy the original or a fine art print HERE. Even though I consider this image tastefully PG, I have made available a version of the fine art print with a dress on the young woman, courtesy Photoshop.

Again, another image from the depths of my unconscious emerges. Obviously there is something going on with a deep urge to be free and to live with the consequences of this freedom. It has everything to do with me leaving the church’s payroll and the comfort and security my position within the church provided. I’m having difficulty adjusting to this new landscape, this new wilderness. And I may never, for then it wouldn’t be unexplored terrain anymore.

This young woman is wild and loves to be wild, beyond the fetters of control and convention. She can function very well in society when she has to, but she is most comfortable with the night and with all things untamed and untameable. This pair of wolves are her companions. I have captured an image of her most essential self: free and wild. I’m calling her Sophia.

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  • For me the integer is the Owl.

  • Wow, this a picture that is worth 10,000, not 1,000, words. She almost looks like she’s dancing?

  • A brilliant sketch David and wonderful blog. Let’s get some wildness back into inner lives – let the sub-personalities, previously referred to as ‘demons’ emerge into the consciousness of our true Self! Aslan isn’t a tame lion and neither is tameness a characteristic of one touched by the Divine Breath.

  • What a beautiful picture and invitation…

  • amy

    I just saw myself and I don’t know why, but I shed a tear. I have seen myself before in your art, the one with the girl and the cave posted about a month ago. I’m standing here trying to figure out why I just cried for her. Maybe it’s because she has the guts to be herself and everyone she loves is jealous and hates her for it. Interesting how this piece moved me. Thank you

  • I don’t think this is what John Eldridge had in mind, bro. (wink)

    Seriously though, stunning and compelling image. Beautiful.

  • thanks everyone. the emotions you guys are expressing i felt while i was drawing her.

  • Susan

    Reminds me of the time I spent in the Peruvain jungle with friends and a Shaman. While doing ceremony at night, I was totally connected to the the Wild and untamed essence in the Heart of the Mother. I also took advantage of Being (feeling)naked & vulnerable while drying in the Sun after a mud bath. Thanks for those memories!

  • Bob

    Nice picture as always. Maybe draw some naturally proportioned woman sometime? Beauty is not always skinny.

  • bob: i hear your point. however, this is another installment in a series of the same young woman.

  • Why is an unleashed unfettered female considered “wild”? Why not just alive and independent and comfortable with herself – normal? To express a wild spirit, why a naked woman instead of a naked man? Why is the feminine so important? (HINT: It is important and should be considered important.)

  • Crystal

    Doug beat me to it! I was only thinking as I looked at the print ( love it, by the way, as the girl reminds me so much of me – not naked though as I’m too old for that Ha Ha) that why don’t you ever draw a free naked man? I’ve never understood why women down the ages have always been drawn naked as an art form, but rarely has the male body been used in that way. Is there a law against that? There probably is. Or is it that only gay men worship the male form? Just asking—–Crystal.

  • Hi Crystal (and Doug): actually this is a theme with psychological overtones recalling the Jungian anima of the male unconscious symbolized by a woman.

  • Crystal

    Sorry David, I really really wasn’t intending to trivialize your artwork and the deep meanings behind them. Please accept my sincere apology if You thought that I meant that. You know by my other comments that I am a serious seeker. I have a quirky side to me, however, and sometimes I use that in response to other tongue in cheek comments.

    I do honestly question the censorship surrounding the male form in artwork. You didn’t answer my question of whether or not it is against the law in the art world. I’m not too familiar with the Jungian anima part either, but I can do my own research on that. There’s so much to learn about, and most of us ( especially those who have been secluded away in fundamentalist church settings where so much is censured – classical music and modern fiction for starters – crazy) have no idea of the richness to be found in free expression using the various art forms. I promise to be more sensitive in the future. Or am l revealing that I, too, have a censor in my head, by the fact that I am even writing this?——Crystal.

  • no offense taken crystal. not at all. this young woman is who is appearing to me. that’s all. there are some very fine male nude artworks out there though. maybe soon i’ll do something.

  • Ann

    Your work is wonderful and remarkable, David. Aslan is INDEED wild, and it’s the last thing the conventional church wants to tangle with. But some of us love tangoing with it!

  • Seeing her free herself to dance with the wolves in the light of the moon was delightful. She’s becoming more sure of herself and moving into authenticity…and becoming comfortable with it.

    Doug…because the feminine represents the spiritual.

  • David – there is nothing like a man who is feeling Jung again.

  • Johnfom

    Did anyone else groan when they read Doug’s post? đŸ˜›

  • I’ve been thinking about this image for a couple of hours. Could this represent the mystical emerging from the theological with the theological still present to insure balance and no forays to the airy-fairy? The wolves definitely are masculine and would represent the realm of the intellect.

  • there is something sane about the woman, imo.

  • andrĂ©e (the other francofun…)

    To Crystal, I was an art student in college and we had as many male models as female models, but I admit that we see more often drawing of female, I don’t know why.

    The wonderful thing with art is that every person who looks at it will see something different. To me, that woman represent Eden, or something we lost a long time ago. Something I hope to find again. It is really beautiful. I think we all long for that freedom and communion with nature…and maybe with the One who created it all…Again, it is really beautiful…

  • Beautiful…Have you ever thought of a story for an illustrated book to go with a theme for a series of your drawings? Just an idea that comes to mind with these drawings and the woman.

  • Mark: Yes I have actually. I’m thinking about it. Thanks!

  • k8

    You know how I said that last time that your girl drawings really remind me of me? Well, at first I thought this one didn’t. And I was kind of disappointed. But after rethinking it, I think it’s who I WANT to be, I’m just not there yet. Thanks again.

  • cool k8