drawing “wisdom” 50% off Valentine!

drawing “wisdom” 50% off Valentine! February 14, 2011


Today I’m selling everything in my store… originals, fine art prints, cards… everything! for 50% off! All you have to do is enter the code “HEART” in the coupon box to redeem your deep discount! CLICK HERE!

I call this one “Wisdom”. Our young woman continues her journey. She is finding wisdom, confirmed by the sudden and mysterious appearance of the owls. You can buy this at 50% off! CLICK HERE!

I’m calling her Sophia.

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  • Jane

    Your art is stalking me. Figuratively! LOL. I just bought a print of this. Fantastic. Thanks for giving us a discount David. Happy Vday to you and your wife!

  • I love how she’s evolving.

  • She’s wonderful. Have you or Lisa ever read “Women Who Run with The Wolves” before David? These images remind me so much of Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ writings.

  • Yes Heidi. We have the book. Thanks!

  • Blake

    I have to share something.

    About 2 years ago in the early Spring. I was deep asleep when I heard the sound of an Owl “hooting” out our bedroom window.
    It was so loud and so close and constant that it woke me immediately. I thought it might be perched upon our porch it sounded so dern close. I got up and went to the window to peek through the blinds.

    Upon my peek, my everso tiniest of a peek…the owl flew off into the late Spring night. He appeared to be perched out at the tree by our mailbox.

    But upon its flight, instantaneously though out the entire house, came a breeze through all the windows, lifting all the curtains.

    I cannot help but think that owl was calling to me. How the heck did he see me peek through my window blind! He had to be watching and waiting!

    Thus, I can seriously relate to your image and post today! Happy Valentines!

  • Tiggy

    She’s got more of a bottom now. 🙂 I think she needs stronger arms for fighting though. I just hope the owl doesn’t give her a Valentine’s special.

    My paintings (from you) are wonderful. They’re on the wall above my desk – here, right in front of me. It’s so lovely to have art around you from people you know.

  • Wisdom is the missing link in much evangelical Christianity. More owls ought to fly into churches. Yet, I suspect that wisdom is found in the wilderness, the place of aloneness and vulnerability.

  • Blake

    Wisdom is calling you to join it in the open field.

  • Do you think we’ll ever see her face?

  • Thanks Tigg. That gives me warm feelings. Have a great day.

  • Maybe one day Lydia.

  • Crystal

    Lydia, I guess as long as we don’t see her face, she could be any one of us, but oh, what I would give to have her young,slim, healthy body again! Happy Valentine’s Day everybody…Crystal.

  • That’s a good point, Crystal. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well.

  • in my land, birds are incredible important – they are symbols of sacred spirituality and creativity. it could be because we have so many native birds. but I love her journey this girl.

  • thanks tash. she’ll make a book one day 🙂