new Sophia drawing “Hollow”

new Sophia drawing “Hollow” May 23, 2011

Ah… our young woman Sophia continues her journey toward her independence and wisdom. Here she has found a place to hide in the night. An ancient hollow tree. She has been awakened by the stirring of crows in the distance. What could this mean?

There is something about Sophia that is at once unsettling and beautiful. She seems vulnerable and I want to protect her. But she also seems strong and insists on finding her own way. Her whole life has been prescribed and dictated. She must find her own courage, strength and voice in order to live her own life. Only when this is accomplished will she return to community. Until then she’ll live the arduous but necessary life of a wandering hermit.

I know she is the picture of my spirit.

You can buy the original or a fine art print of this image here.

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  • I absolutely LOVE this one, David! And also your description of Sophia and her journey is very touching. It honestly reminds me of myself and how I decided to embark on a similar journey several years ago. The only thing is, once I came back into community, I still had an inner wisdom and was forever changed by stepping out on my own. I can now be amongst the herd without losing my identity and my soul. I still feel free. Thank you for your Sophia series. It is very beautiful!

  • thanks kate. that is what she’s waiting for.

  • I agree, Kate. This is my favourite Sophia picture yet!

    I wonder what the birds are circling around?

  • MLE

    My favorite Sophia, too. There’s just something about it.

  • Jane

    I love that you admit to the feminie side. I think shows strength in men when they can see that.

  • thanks jane.

  • glad you like it MLE

  • Ant

    I love the way you speak about her like a father and then turn around and say she is a picture of your spirit. Thats beautiful 🙂

    The feminine is truly beautiful in form and spirit – so is the masculine in its own way but I find the feminine far more endearing and intuitive. I am not the average typical male I have found and its wonderful to have found community and friends and a partner that all accept me the way I am. I think its really important not to conform to what people think we ought to be but to follow our own path in all areas of our lives.