saving shepherd savory sheep

saving shepherd savory sheep May 23, 2011

Some analogies break down when pushed too far. But this one is funny. On a more serious note: sometimes it is valid to be suspicious of some shepherd’s motives.

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • kls

    And to make matters even more complicated, the lamb was a wolf!

  • Great, now my faith is truly shattered. I always assumed Jesus of all people was a vegetarian! 😉

  • Elderyl

    This is what happened when my shepherd found me ‘unsavory.’

  • haha!

  • Oh! Probably should’ve read the text as well-“some shepherds.” Surely not JC. Whew, faith in tact (for now).

  • Pretty sure that’s what sheep are raised for – fleecing and eating. Don’t hate the shepherd, hate the system! (to stretch the metaphor again)

  • that’s true brian.

  • Often, the shepherd or shepherdess is just a little hurt child crying out for devotion and attention of others. ‘Professional’ love can cover this hidden (even from themselves) motive that really ‘drives’ the seemingly caring ministry. The psychological s*** eventually surfaces when the shepherd is under great pressure; then prepare for a roasting!By the way, it also applies to ‘prophets’ although the outing process usually takes less time.

  • One of the more surprising discoveries for me as a newly ordained pastor (11 years ago) occurred when I went to my first pastors conference. There, in the comforts of collegiality and confidence, I heard a number of my colleagues “roast” and berate their parishioners calling them “stupid” or “idiots.” Then we’d go listen to a keynote presenter talk about being in mission for others or something equally lovely.