flesh-eating disease

flesh-eating disease June 27, 2011

keep the faith

If you met a few people every day who had flesh-eating disease, wouldn’t you think there was an epidemic?

I meet new people every day who have left the church for various reasons. I don’t know why this happens to me, but it does. Like today, I met people who told me they had left the church years ago. It was their choice, but they felt compelled to do so.

They would have preferred to stay, but they experienced the same terrible treatment so many others do. They see the church as an institution in serious trouble, arrogantly and blindly pressing on leaving a path of destruction in its wake. You might not agree with their conclusions. But that is the professed experience and opinion of millions.

The church does some good. Agreed. I’ve already addressed this perspective.

But that’s like saying, “Sure he has flesh-eating disease, but I love his hair.

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  • andrée (the other francofun…)

    I think that we need to have an honest look at church or how we live our christian faith. Something is really wrong but most people are too afraid of change to stop, and look, and think. This is dangerous. The house is on fire but most prefer to stay asleep…

  • Most people are in self-absorbed, soiritual ladder climbing churches. It’s no wonder they bail out.

    If you can find a church that doesn’t attempt to make you better, but where everyone admits they are not up to it.

    Then Jesus can go to work with His forgiveness and everyone can relax ( He said, “My yoke is EASY.”)

    I bailed out of those holiness churches a long time ago, and I’m glad that I did.

  • ‘spiritual’ (was the word I was shooting for)

  • Oh man. For realz.

  • Is it crass to answer a cartoon with a cartoon?
    I think you two have been talking to each other :o)

  • It’s a good thing it’s always the other people who are so hateful, not me.

  • Sister Marie

    David, you are like a breath of frsh air, and I can’t believe the insight that you bring to this site. I sincerely hope that this signals the beginning of another major revolution in the church, and that the result will be a church that is more caring and more relevant. Reading the latest rants of the Reverend Pat Robertson and realizing that he has thousands of followers does not give me much encouragement.