bomb July 25, 2011

Religion and ideology divide and conquer in destructive ways.

“God” is behind a lot of violence.

How do we stop the madness? How can we deliver peace instead of death and injury?

Not just physical bombs, but verbal ones as well.

Start locally, with our own hearts.

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  • “Theses atheists, they don’t know
    nothing. Of course Hell. Flames
    and damnation,” he said, with his
    eyes on the dark shifting water
    and the lightning and the lamps
    going out above the black streets
    of the Palace Pier. “Torments.”
    “And Heaven, too,” Rose said
    with anxiety while the rain fell
    interminably on.
    “Oh, maybe,” the Boy said.
    Graham Greene
    Brighton Rock

  • Trupedo_Glasic

    That cartoon reminds of a song of one of my favourite bands called “Low”. The song is called “murderer” and could be a read as a meditation on religious terrorism.

  • Beautiful

    “One more thing before I go
    One more thing I’ll ask you Lord
    You may need a murderer
    Someone to do your dirty work

    Don’t act so innocent
    I’ve seen you pound your fist into the earth
    And I’ve read your book
    It seems that you could use another fool
    Well I’m cruel
    And I look right through

    You must have more important things to do
    So if you need a murderer
    Someone to do your dirty work “

  • ya… something chilling about that song… in a truthful way

  • What that guy did had NOTHING to do with Christianity.

    He was just another nut, another wacko in the grip of evil…pure and simple. Timothy McVeigh, the same thing.

    It was very predictable that you would try and use that horrible crime to attack Christianity. I was almost certain that you would do something like this.

    It would be like me saying that artists were murderous people if a guy who had a few sketches that he’d drawn went out and killed some people.

    Just ridiculous.

  • David can speak for himself, obviously: or draw you a picture to contemplate. I didn’t take his cartoon or the MURDERER song as attack on Xtianity. Attacks on mis taken Xtianity, perhaps. It’s not Xtianity under attack, but maybe the ignorance of folks that claim it. The Koran Burner, for example. Examples abound. Galore. In the Name of… etc.

  • “getting ready for his missions trip”

    That was not to impune Christianity?

    Give me a break.

  • Mormon’s get ready for their mission trim. I got to “work” each morning, mission impossible: mission from God. I might dump on ignorant xtians or even smart-ass ones and still (in my mind) not be criticizing Christianity. It’s kind of a bind: how to criticize christians and yet not Christianity. Throwing the first stones. Stone and be Stoned. No way out of it.

  • Steve: I purposefully did not use the word “christian” in the post or cartoon because it applies to whoever it fits… all kinds of religions and ideologies are on a mission.

  • Google the murders in Norway (Oslo), Steve. Read bout the guy who threw the bombs. Described as radical fundamental Christian.

  • There seem to be lots of ‘not real Christians’ out there who seem to think they are. Violence and the sacred have always been intertwined through blood sacrifice since time immemorial.

    In my homeland of Ireland both ‘sides’ have their blood myths that support murder. The ‘rebirth’ of Eirean through Irish blood being spilt in the 1916 rebellion and the ‘For God and Ulster’ stance of the UVF Protestant paramilitaries.

    Yeshua turned the whole religious mechanism on its head through His execution. The victim was seen to be innocent for the first time.

    And so today we mourn the Norweigan victims of another modern yet strangely ancient religious/political mechanism.

  • “The Violent Bear IT Away”

    I think this refers to “the kingdom within”
    and not without and maybe that’s where the
    turn-around is lost. When the “mechanism” of individual salvation becomes conflated with the mechanisms of political and social concerns,
    that’s where the fundamental literalism confuses the issue. Both sides of the the football team praying for victory.

  • Ed

    Excellent post above this, Sam Scoville. And each team convinced God is on their side.

  • fishon

    How do we stop the madness? How can we deliver peace instead of death and injury?
    _______We can’t and we won’t!

  • I tell you David, this is very disturbing. It really jarred me when I first saw it, but after I got over my initial reaction, it really gets me thinking. We all have been guilty of verbal bombs (or written ones) in the lives of those we encounter. But today is a new day, God’s mercies are new every morning. We can choose not to throw bombs, prepare them or do anything whatsoever that is actually a bomb in disguise.

  • I’m with Fishon, on this one. We can’t. And won’t.

  • Tim AKA Dick

    David, you are a warrior in a battle for hearts and minds. How can you not see that you drop visual and verbal bombs everyday? And another question, if you were to believe that my words were hate bombs, what should my punishment be for being a verbal terrorist? Or should I go free?

  • Tim AKA Dick

    David, it could be said that you “draw” your sword. I just came up with that one.

  • ha! good play on words. the making of a cartoon?

  • @Steve Martin,
    You wrote:
    “What that guy did had NOTHING to do with Christianity.
    He was just another nut, another wacko in the grip of evil…pure and simple. Timothy McVeigh, the same thing. ”
    I agree, but like NP wrote, he didn’t mention Christianity specifically. I took it as a swipe at all ideologies. Hey, one could even throw atheism into that mix as well, right?
    I do find it interesting, however, that so many on the extreme left are making comparisons between what this maniac did and Islamic jihad. It’s not a difference of degree (in my opinion), but of kind.
    As much as I try, I can’t find any calls from Jesus to kill infidels. If you find any, please point them out for me. 🙂