healing and prophetic insight

healing and prophetic insight August 26, 2011

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  • Wonderful – as a seer myself I can identify with the irony of such a pronouncement.

  • fishon

    Wow! Exactly what I am preaching on. Sermon title: God told me to tell you…New Revelation.

  • Ed

    This is absolutely true. I was at a service where the minister (male) told us God wanted to heal someone of pain in a part of their abdomen. He said he was having representative pain in an area of his body, but he couldn’t figure out what body part it was that God was showing him would be healed. Then he began to chuckle. He said God told him that the healing was for someone’s ovaries, and he didn’t recognize the part in pain because (obviously) he didn’t have any ovaries. Now THAT’s how God works! LOL

  • tc

    dang … the stories I could tell.

  • Damaged and damaging if I do; damaged and damaging if I don’t. Damned, damnit. What a relief to know it. Awesome. Amazing grace. (Imagine: NOT knowing it: the meta-damage done). Conviction of spin. Of course someone’s head needs healing. Who’s don’t? Throw the first scone.

  • Literally laughed out loud at that one. My favorite so far!

  • thanks bill!

  • Hi Nakedpastor,

    I have to say I enjoy your cartoons. They’re pretty fun. I like a good healthy conversation, and I enjoy how well you generate that. It’s brilliant the honesty you promote. So thanks for that, it’s cool to see.

    As far as this cartoon is concerned I want to comment on it because I can personally attest to seeing God move in such a way. I’m not sure if your pointing fun at people who do this kind of ministry, but I just want to back them up and say that I have seen a countless number of healings happen in such a way. I’ve prayed for a few of them as well myself and with my own eyes have seen it happen. Ive seen lots- everything from headaches to eye sight being healed by this.

    Anyways, just giving my two sense. I can personally attest to the miraculous happening in such a way. Healing and the miraculous is everywhere in the bible. You’d have to cut out half to bible to justify believing otherwise.

    Been enjoying your site lately.

  • Thanks Stephen. What denomination are you in, out of curiosity?

  • Hi,
    I’m part of a non-denominational church up in Redding, California called Bethel. If you’ve ever heard of Bill Johnson, it’s his church.


  • oh yes of course i’ve heard of that church and of him.