pastoral dentistry

pastoral dentistry August 27, 2011

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  • There was a certain homosexual hating homosexual televised evangelist a few years ago that fell from his grace….trying to remember his name.

    He had one of those perpetual smiles that said, “I’m full of crap, please punch me right in the mouth”

    …or at least that’s how I always saw it.

  • amazonfeet

    He actually can afford dental care, top-of-the line…my teeth are crumbling out of my mouth because medicare doesn’t cover dental and I’m not eligible for full medicaid, and not too sure of the quality of the medicaid dentists here, especially due to my complicated medical circumstances…if I don’t die of a cardiovascular event, I will die because they couldn’t keep an infection from going to my heart valves or brain and killing me…and so it goes for the have-nots in the land of the free…..