Gay Saturday: homosexual hell

Gay Saturday: homosexual hell December 31, 2011

You might like to follow me on facebook and twitter, etc., because I post there far more often than just on my blog. (Just go to my blog and click on my social media under my profile pic!) Interesting things happen there. For instance, last night on my facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and tumblr, I posted this:

Navigating beyond the borders of the church is scary because support doesn’t come from the church but from that which it doesn’t endorse.

In response, my fellow pastor and cartoonist friend Matt Glover commented that this is exactly what he is going through right now. He said to google his name and “gay marriage” to find out what is going on. This is what I found!

This cartoon is obviously sarcasm and satire. But it makes me think of my many gay friends who are living a Living Hell right now because of who they are. And those who love and support them are just as bad. Guilty by association. Collaborators!

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  • Nancy T.

    I remember my mother trying to naviate me through the waters when I explained to her I was confused, because some of the best, most decent, and loving people I knew weren’t Christian, and had no desire to be….and some of the most mixed-up, mean-spirited, decietful, nasty people I knew, were in the Church, and were considered ‘good Christians’. My mom’s most solid grounding of faith, was that God was love. That alone probably helped me stay untwisted by a lot of the stuff that Church tried to impart to me.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am a liberal and I am a Christian. Many people find that to be an oxymoron. Some just find it moronic. I am a happily married heterosexual and don’t have the slightest inclination to be otherwise. I became a Christian, as did many, through the ministry of Mr. Lonnie Frisbee who was one of the most charismatic preachers of our time. Lonnie was gay but God used him in a great way. I do not think that being gay is normal but I also do not believe it is something, that for many, is choosen. I believe genetic make up and envronment can determine our sexual orientation. Male and female anatomy is designed with these corresponding shapes and I think that alone may be a good case for what was intended. The thing is, what was intended is not the real world. In the real world who we are is determined by a complex set of circumstances. We can choose only when GIVEN the choice to choose. I believe in a judgement and as Jesus said a lot of people will be surprised that day. I think God looks at the entire picture and will judge each one of us fairly according to what is in our heart. How can one be accountable for news if they never got the news? It’s perhaps more a matter of how we respond to the amount of light received.

  • Elissa Dempsey

    I recently posted this on my facebook status:
    I have received at least 3 emails asking me to sign a petition against gay marriage.
    I would like to say that I have gay friends and family and that I will not be signing this petition as I personally feel that it is NOT the loving thing to do (Jesus highest command is to love Him and love your neighbour as yourself).

    I later commented:
    If a law were passed that sex before marriage were punishable with life imprisonment:
    How many of us would go to jail?
    How many of our family members?
    Victims of RAPE would be included.
    (And I wonder how many homosexuals became so oriented because of sexual abuse)
    Show me a person who is 100% sexually pure.
    Who has never lusted for anyone?
    Never been sexually aroused by watching a movie….

    “Take the plank out of your own eye”
    “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” – especailly sexual sin, since this was spoken to someone caught in the act of adultery…
    “Judge not lest you be judged……”

    My facebook post received 309 comments. What concerns me is our overemphasis on sin and underemphasis on the Grace of God.

  • @ David Hayward
    I followed the links to Matt Glover’s sites but they seem to have been active for several years. Am I missing something? What is he doing now?

  • the second link takes you to the recent news article. this is only a month or two old. he’s not dong anything else yet. regaining his feet i suppose.

    thanks everyone for your comments.