prayer from the cell: HAPPY new year!

prayer from the cell: HAPPY new year! January 1, 2012

I read an interesting post yesterday by Bronnie Ware called “Top Five Regrets of the Dying”. It’s a good read from an experienced palliative care practitioner. Number 5 is “I wish that I had let myself be happier.” But to be honest, the common desire running throughout all five regrets is for more happiness.

It is interesting to note that the dying finally realize that happiness is a choice. They understand that even though it would have meant some difficult decisions and applied effort, they could have simply made the choice to be happy. They just needed to “let themselves be happier”.

So… happiness… before it’s too late!

I have two books on Amazon that might bring you a measure of happiness… one of just cartoons and one with cartoons and my thoughts about vision: CLICK HERE.

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  • Amaris

    You are so right. If anything Ive discovered in this past couple years of hardship it’s this EXACT thing. Maybe our great God who is not a racist, anti-homosexual facist has brought me to this wonderful place!! Good God people embrace happiness. If God is real or not, this is your mandate. Fuck all the shit that makes you shameful and depressed. You deserve to be happy!! Thanx again David for laying it on the line! Somehow we are in step in our revelations. It makes me happy to see a fellow courageous traveller on the road to freedom from tyranny. High five brother!! You make me proud to be a Christian who diesn’t ball to societal norms and ant-love doctrine!!

    Keepin it real as always,

    Your friend Amaris.

  • Vie

    Thanks for this, I’m feeling pretty… well… shit after this morning’s sermon and the conversation with my parents which followed.

    I’m sick of obligatory rules and regulations, of being constantly, silently judged and being guilt-tripped every Sunday.

    In this argument I asked, why can’t we just look at the Gospels? At Christ’s actual teaching? They responded defensively with nothing but excuses for ignoring what Jesus actually said. Why is that the case!?
    Why can’t I just go to church, hear a sermon on Jesus’ word and feel enriched!? Instead of coming out feeling like a “bad” christian and uncertain in my salvation?

    Sorry, I just had to let that out… aside from Jesus’ word itself, you’ve been my main inspiration over past weeks, so thankyou.

  • Thanks Vie. There are steps you can take towards your own liberation. May 2012 see it!

  • Thanks Amaris. you rawk.

  • Wendy

    Here’s to happiness, regardless of circumstances. Not to say that there isn’t a time for “less than happy” moments. For me, it’s just being authentic no matter what I’m feeling. I know happiness awaits.

  • This is for Vie. This weekend I came across Brennan Manning for the first time. He says such beautiful affirming things. I linked a couple of short clips and one long one here, yesterday.

  • Vie

    Brigitte! Wow. Thank you, so much for introducing my to this person! His outworking of scripture is just perfect! His Christ and love centered-ness is just incredibly accurate and it does provoke quite an emotional response! This is the teaching I feel comes directly from God’s word, not the legalistic, petty minded, conditional God which churches have constructed around their own narrow mindedness.

    Thankyou so much!! I would give you a hug, but this is the internet, plus I’m not sure if it would be socially awkward, but the sentiment is sent your way 😀

  • Hugs back to you, Vie.

  • …happiness is a choice…

    Something I really, really needed to hear today. Great post David.