Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday April 7, 2012

The death of God.

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  • In reading on Hinduism this weekend, it strikes me how this is NOT like incarnations of Krishna, who, in the system, can just simply flip himself back and forth between his appearances. Nor would Krishna have himself killed.

    This is not the same thing. The story of the incarnation of Christ, is really very shocking and different. The story of the death of God, just the same and more.

    It is either the weirdest fable of all or the most profound thing you have ever heard.

  • Pat B

    David, an arresting and powerful image for a day which often seems to get neglected. Thanks

  • thanks pat.

  • @ David,
    Wow, stark — makes you think. It seems that even for orthodox Christians, this can speak deeply. The ambivalence is inspiring. Well done.

    @ Brigitte,
    I am doing a Hinduism Series (here is the Index post). One of my coming posts will be about Hindu gods who sacrifice themselves. Gods who sacrifice themselves happens in Hinduism and other faiths. And some come back to life. This is a great joy to their believers too.

  • david

    WOW something about this picture really moved me. WOW you have a gift.

  • thanks david