Jesus Suffers Among Precious Stones

Jesus Suffers Among Precious Stones April 6, 2012

Jesus Suffers Among Precious Stones drawing

I had this image appear to me in a dream. It is Jesus suffering, lying on the ground, surrounded by precious stones. It was a powerful still image. The gems were bursting with color. I drew it the morning I awakened from the dream.

I didn’t know what it meant when I had it. I’m still not sure. But it evoked feelings of awe. It says something about the value of his suffering. It says something about its cost. It says something about the contrast of his suffering to the wealth of this world. It says something. Something.

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  • Wow! A powerful image, indeed. How thrilling that the image appeared in a dream.

  • Vie

    Thankyou for being the first person I’ve seen to draw an ethnically accurate portrayal of Jesus. It helps me connect with what he would have looked like a lot better and makes the image more real and meaningful and…things.

  • I am not much into dreams and seem to have little imagination on top of it… 🙂 But, your dream reminds me of a communion hymn we sing about Jesus’ blood being the highest good (also as in “goods”, as we do have it and share it.)

    This Easter weekend, ironically, I am reading the Bagavadgita, Ghandi’s comments on it and a Hindu catechism. I am trying to understand what many western writers have found compelling about it. While I am finding that there is wisdom and instruction in it, is also very vague in the underlying theme: is it really about renunciation or more about action, even when your conscience is conflicted about it. All in all, there is this need to be on a path to unify with God.

    In Christianity the difference is, we cannot get very far on this path. We can try, but if we are honest we see how impure our motives and actions are. This is why God had to come down to our level, show us our true sin and take care of it. His blood is the pledge. He has done it all. His blood is the highest good–higher than pearls and all gems.

  • marcie

    Love its says love

  • My first thoughts were to John Dominic Crossan and the other scholars at the Jesus Seminar, and their method of voting on the veracity of key portions of the Gospels…

    Stunning drawing.

  • ah yes, brian, but those stones were black if jesus did not say or do what the gospels said, were they not?

  • come to think of it though, brian, the colors (red, pink, grey, black)… interesting comparison.

  • We are precious living stones being built together into a House for God through the death and resurrection of Christ.

  • Lisa Carlson

    Interesting. When I first saw this picture I thought the stones were Jelly Beans and you were making a statement about the commercialism of Easter.

  • I thought about the stone that the builders rejected becoming the cornerstone.

    No one really puts precious stones on the ground either unless they are lost or thrown there in rejection.

    Hmm. . .

  • marcie

    Thank you Aaron. Lost, rejected, or on the ground nothing steels their beauty or value, they are still precious.