find your own Sophia wisdom

find your own Sophia wisdom May 11, 2012

Sophia wisdom with owls.

Socrates believed that we all carried our own wisdom deep within and that it just needed to be coaxed out, usually with a series of questions. He demonstrated this one day on a small boy walking by. He asked him a series of questions, the boy answered, revealing to Socrates’ disciples that he already had the knowledge.

Jesus was no different. What did Jesus usually use in his teaching? Stories. Everyday stories that people already understood. Simple parables… like the one about flowers not worrying about what to wear. Of course! We already knew that. Simple.

There are some who would like you to believe that you are completely dependent upon them for knowledge and wisdom. They would like to keep you sucking at the tit of addiction to teaching. They would like you to believe they have the secret. I know… I’ve been on both sides.

Sophia is discovering, even in the dead of night, that she carries within her a deep and valuable wisdom. She wasn’t allowed to access it or live by it. But now she is going to tap into her wisdom, her namesake, and live it. Fiercely! The many owls, also symbols of wisdom, confirm her conviction.

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  • Helen

    A perfect combination – owls and Sophia and the understanding of wisdom. I can see Sophia next as a falconer with an owl in the moonlight. Of interest, owls are hearing rather than sight based (good old Wikipedia) so they operate differently. Just like Sophia.

  • There is wisdom in her name


    A substantial portion
    of the Hebrew understanding of the Divine
    is that the character and nature of God
    is feminine

  • David Waters

    If I just keep on breathing… these things will pass, and I will learn the many lessons, life has to teach me.

  • For some things we have knowledge yet to be coaxed out of us. But for some of us, for some things, the knowledge was coaxed out, and it was uncomfortable. People want to not know it. They try to deny that they do, but it is hard because it is not outside of them but in.

    They DO need teaching, because without the constant opposition the knowledge might start to take hold.

  • Doug, bravo for the Hebrew understanding of the Divine.

    Christine, I agree that we do need teaching. The mistake so many make is blind acceptance of the teaching. They switch off their thinking processes and deny the knowledge gained from their own experiences. I know. I’ve done it.