your religious self

your religious self May 6, 2012

my painting "religious self" mask.

As gorgeous as this stained glass mask is,
rich in its religious beauty,
meeting the hungry expectations
of those you support
with your belief…
it is just a mask.
Lower the hand that holds it,
and see the world as it is.
Drop the pretention.
Yes, they may drop you.
But it is you.
It is you.

(I saw this mask in a dream many years ago. It changed my life. Although the original is sold, you can buy a print of it HERE.)

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  • Pat Pope

    Man, I can relate to that! I have dropped the pretension and of course, it’s been hard for some to deal with, but at least I’m walking in my truer self.

  • Someone (I can’t remember who) said, ‘The person behind the mask is always infinitely more attractive than the mask.’ I believe that to be true.

  • Bridget

    You recent drawings contrasting the black and white the church’s expectations of us with the colourful experience of being true to ourselves are sort of the opposite to this. I think the mask steals the colour and forces it into a rigid pattern, colour by numbers maybe. Put the mask aside and the colour rushes back into your true self, all unplanned and swirling around .

  • Ruthie

    Love it! Goodbye to the imposter & here’s to our authentic selves!

  • My authentic self needs an authentic Savior.

    We are all very mixed bags. The evil that lies within each of us cannot be fixed by inward striving. The fix needs to be total and come externally.

    When we lower the mask, this is the truth that emerges.

  • V.Ricardson

    I found your drawings by way Grandmere Mimi…..I really appreciate your drawings,and especially the “Mask”drawing as I lived that way for years in my religiosity….As you say “lower the mask” to see the real world…and me…..I had to lower it, no one else could…..Thanks……

  • Mad =^..^= (AKA ccws)

    Stained-glass zombie?