prayer from the cell: with Gotye

prayer from the cell: with Gotye May 6, 2012

Gotye's "now you're just somebody that I used to know".

I love Gotye’s song.

This prayer from the cell can be taken many ways. Here’s a few options:

  1. Does it mean, flatly, that I no longer believe in God?
  2. Or, does it mean that the god I used to know is no longer a viable one, that it was more like an idol, no where near matching the actual God?
  3. Or, does it mean that God broke up with me, left me, abandoned me, and that I simply don’t know him anymore because he’s gone?
  4. Or, does it mean that I used to think I actually knew God, but the deeper I go into The Mystery the more I realize I don’t have a sweet clue, that I really don’t know anything at all?

Take your pick. Or perhaps you have another?

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  • shary

    It means the god I followed for years out of great fear was cruel, out to get me, tried to trick me into sinning, O, no they call it testing, he is gone, never existed.

    God is love,Him I am getting to know.

  • I pick 4. Because I gave up trying to wrassle God to the ground.

  • Jacquie

    No wrestling going on here….I think I’m almost a No. 1….wavering….

  • i think i’m a 4…. and a happy one!

  • Renny


  • God is there for us in Christ Jesus.

    But many don’t want that God. So they reject Him in search of their own more reasonable god who isn’t so narrowly focused.

    That’s what it means to me.

  • Rhonda Sayers

    #3 is definitely out, even though I felt that it was true many times. I would say that I am awakening and #4 would describe it best at this moment.

  • Wendy

    I’m leaning on a combination of all of the above, depending on my mood.

  • Steve: Are you saying your God is unreasonable and narrowly focused?

  • Laura

    Also going with #4.

  • Posted on my blog as a thought for the day from Meister Eckhart:

    “Man’s last and highest leave-taking is leaving God for God.”

  • Sarah

    Mummy, daddy, lover, friend.

    Vast space, light, dark, the fear becoming the joy.

    Nothing to worry about as we go to them together.

    Gradual, gradual.

    Never mind, it’ll all be OK.

    Don’t you worry.

    Don’t you fear.

    It’s OK, it’s OK

  • Mitch

    For me, #2. The god who loves me, who answers prayers, who comforts, whose word is absolutely true? Yeah, that’s the god I remember from back when. He’s nowhere to be found now.

    Of course, I also remember from my childhood that my grandparents’ home used to be an enormous, cavernous home with lots of room for everyone. Now every time I visit I’m struck with how small the place is in comparison to what I remember.

    Maybe god has shrunk, much like my grandparents’ home.

  • yes mitch. we really don’t know why she’s leaving. it could be her own personal spiritual journey. well… we know it’s that at least. the church may be just fine. but perhaps she’s outgrown the narrow theology presented there. that’s an option.