nakedpastor studying in seminary

nakedpastor studying in seminary July 1, 2012

nakedpastor studying in seminary photo

This is me in seminary. Lisa surprise-snapped this photo while i was “studying”. Hey! Winston Churchill studied in the nude. So can I! I like the pornstache. Irresistable! What that little Christmas monkey is doing there is anyone’s guess.

Actually, upon closer inspection, I’m reading John Updike’s, A Month of Sundays. A great read. Some would argue that’s not theology. I would argue otherwise. Theology is everywhere! In every movie, song, book, poem, dance, painting, sculpture, glance, people, coffee, nature, dreams. Everywhere! Some of my most powerful and life-changing revelations have come to me through art. It’s not owned by any theologian or church or seminary.

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  • Syl

    And here I’ve been telling people send to this blog that “naked” just means honest, not nude.

    Nice legs. But you look ooohhhh sssoooo serious…

  • Fantastic!
    Do you still read in the nude occasionally? I hope so.
    Loved the expansion of “Theology” — loved it!

  • Frank Trotter

    Great graffiti, David!

    Keep it coming!