new Sophia drawing “cleansed”

new Sophia drawing “cleansed” July 2, 2012
sophia drawing "cleansed" by nakedpastor david hayward
Sophia “cleansed” (ink and watercolor on paper, 8″x10″)

Sophia has been caught in a rain storm. She’s fallen to the ground and letting it all soak in. Her years of servitude, her years of compromise, her years of captivity, her years of fear… may they all seep out of her and into the ground. She’s never felt this clean, this pure. She’ll remember this rainy night.

Acquire the original drawing. Or buy a print of “cleansed”.

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  • Beautiful.

    So pleased to see you doing so well bro!


  • Syl

    This is beautiful, David – visually and emotionally.

  • thanks matt. sometimes i’m not so well. today i’m okay. how are you?

  • thanks so much syl.

  • Andre


    I understand in someway and follow the same frying road on my bare feet. But I sense a bitterness that must be left behind (I may be wrong here).

    Do you think this heavenly rain can free up Sophia to a degree that she can again serve and compromise free from the shackles from the past?

  • she will leave her bitterness behind when she’s ready. she will. did you see this post from a few days ago?:

  • Gary

    Beautiful David.

    Visually and mentally stunning!

  • thanks so much gary

  • I remember my baptism in that cleansing way. And return to it daily for assurance that Christ is for me…and not pointing His finger at me for something that I should, ought, or must be doing.

    Saved by water and the Word.

  • Andre

    No David, I didn´t read it, I´m hopefull now. Needed that. Thanx.

  • My favourite Sophia. Love it.

  • thanks Liz

  • By the way, I LOVE the artwork!

  • First words out of my mouth were, “That’s an amazing piece of drawing.” Then I looked at the title underneath and I have to add, “And painting.”

  • yep. watercolor 🙂

  • ttm

    The crisp lines of driving rain brought to mind times when rain has actually almost cut through me and pummeled me with its wet strength. I love the way Sophia “rests in the light” with the shadows under and around–maintaining respectful distance but almost hugging her luminosity. It’s a beautiful, poignant piece of art and (as usual) reflects a current situation in my own journey.

  • thanks ttm. i like how you said that.

  • Crystal ( the original )

    The drawing and the words accompanying it are beautiful. Boy, are you ever getting poetic these days!

  • thanks the original crystal!! 🙂

  • thirza

    wow.. love it. identifying myself with her…thanx

  • Madlen

    This one breaks my heart. Beautiful!

  • Jane


  • May

    I love the way the raindrops fall on the ground, glimmering around her.
    Being in the rain seems a way of letting go of the past, and maybe a new beginning?

  • Hi,
    I love this drawing and I wondered if you would mind if I used it on my poetry blog for a poem I have written. I would credit you of course.

    Sharry (Geminiwords)

  • Sure. thanks for letting me know.

  • Thank you. This is the link to the post