we not only like women

we not only like women August 29, 2012

we like women cartoon drawn by nakedpastor david hayward

When you’re immersed in a certain culture, you really can’t see what’s wrong. Once you extricate yourself from that culture, after a while you begin to realize that the things which were such hot issues aren’t.

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  • After leaving Christianity, I had to address issues constantly. I had to explain myself all the time. Then I went to Asia for 12 years — it all gloriously disappeared. No one cared — wheew. Only on returning to hyper-religious-US-of-A what Christianity back in my face. Thus I started blogging.

    But after that break, my reactiveness and anxiety disappeared. Joy from the open experience of others supplanted my narrow views. It was like the rest of the world was in the kitchen prepare the meals (as in your cartoon ).

  • So true!
    It’s amazing how when you are in that sheltered world, that shit actually makes sense.

  • Mark

    This can also fit both feet. Academia immersion equates to liberal immersion and has since prior to my time in college in the 80s; just wish all people had the and time to step back from the drama in their lives and think for themselves. Big fan of mandating international study in order to procure any degree. Such an eye opener

  • VanPastorMan

    In Christian dominated by either history or policy you see feminism flourishing. In muslim countries where it is illegal to own a Bible the women are treated as second class citizens. I truly believe it is Christ who has liberated women. It was a woman who first saw him alive after he died. It was the Apostle Paul who said that in Christ there is no slave,free,Jew,Gentile,man or woman because all are equal in Christ. Jesus is the greatest liberator of women ever seen on this planet.

  • Ldh

    Jesus liberated women but once his followers got a generation or 2 removed I think some of them lost sight of the freedom he brought us as they tried codify that freedom into another religion.