mind of his own

mind of his own September 6, 2012

mind of his own cartoon drawing by nakedpastor david hayward

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Have you ever felt this way? Like maybe there was something seriously wrong with you? Like people really thought that maybe something had snapped inside your head? Like maybe you should see a doctor? Like maybe you’ll hopefully get better soon?

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  • Syl

    Oh yeah. Been there, done that. Well, been on the receiving end of it, at least.

    Been dismissed and told I’m too analytical. Been brushed off with “you think too much”. Been told I ask too many questions. Have been warned against using or enjoying my mind or my talents too much and then told I must use my mind and talents – but only in a certain way. I was informed that I was, quite literally, in danger of being damned if I did and then damned if I didn’t. I’ve heard, countless times, that the asset of curious, creative intelligence is, in the upside down inside out world I spent far too long enduring, not only a liability but dangerous. I’ve been gaslighted and nearly convinced that my abilities, talents, and strengths were disabilities, burdens, and weaknesses.

    Well, damn them all – the controlling, soul destroying, blinkered, fearful and fear mongering manipulators who denigrate what is good and right and noble all in the name of a righteousness that is warped and anathema to the vibrancy of an honest, thoughtful, creative, and passionate life.

  • Todd

    I feel that way right now. So frustrated with Church.

  • i hear ya todd

  • Chuck Jarvis

    Oh, yeah. And I allowed them to stigmatize me to the point that most of what i said or did was considered invalid.

  • gio

    great way to express it Syl…..once again, great job David. D you think there is a purpose behind it all? There is a purpose to rejection. I sometimes think it is a force that drives you to find your own approval of yourself within your own relationship with God. Putting to deth the inordinate tendency we all hae of seeking answers outside of ourselves, in the past or future…someone else has to tell me who I am, because its terrifying and it takes a lot of inner work for me to find that on my own. A sort of death/resurrection thing. I think the worse part of it all is the intense doubt it creates within a person, it divides you inside, sets you at war within yourself, your mind at war with your heart. The heart is tricky because although ignoring it leads to your spirit dying, I have found that trauma in the past sometimes builds layers around the heart, so that when we listen to it, we often listen as well to the wounded filter which can be misleading. This is where , loving and honest relationships with others help us see the layers so we can find our true heart….does that make any sense? In other words I find there is a place to outgrow disapproval of ” death giving” others (an independence) but build a healthy interdependence with life giving others.

  • i do always have this feeling that there is meaning, even if we can’t figure out what it is

  • Wayne

    Thanks again for your work David. I saw this art on the interwebs and instantly thought of you:


  • That is very cool. Thanks for linking to that image.

  • I once had this one guy ask me what it was like being “weird.” I told him it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am free of people opinions or expectations. Sure it was painful when I was young, but about the time I was in high school I was over that. Now I wear it like a badge, I am a free thinker! If that makes me weird to you ,oh well, get over it.